August 19, 2010

Let James Be James. Don't Play Those Games.

   Tender Friendship Bears

       During the autumn season, Came and I can no longer be friends anymore. Our activities just take over our lives, and we forget about the friendship that we share. This year, our goal is to have a friendship like the snuggly bears shown above. When we greet each other, we will hold flowers, and little hearts will dance around us. It will be awesome and miraculous. Amen.


My Heart Will Wait For You.

The North Pole? No, The Arctic Circle.

As you can see below, Care and I have a little troubles with butlers. . . So to overcome our fears we go to The Arctic Circle. There we run into other bigger problems such as:
$ Side-ways ice cream cones.
$ A cute little girl who shares her ice cream cone with her crying big sister.
$ Too many free fries.
Now as you can see these are BIG problems. I was so displeased with Arctic Circle, that I don't think I will ever go there again. Unless Big Time Rush dragged me there, while carrying Sinjin by his ear, and gave me a monkey. Other than that I will never go there again. So don't hope to see me there, because your hope will be crushed. Sorry friend. Your heart will wait on me this time.

August 17, 2010

Butlers. Butlers. Butlers.

                                  Look at this handsome butler.

        So Came and I have this thing about butlers. We hate them. I think that somewhere deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down, we secretly love them... we just have not been successful in finding that love. Every time we are in a situation where we are in the dark, we picture the handsome face above in our minds. It is not the smartest idea. It can result in deathly collisions, accidentally relieving yourself in your pants, and having nightmares for the rest of your life. We do not recommend this.              
     Sometimes, you just simply can't help your mind to not think about the butler face. We understand 106.3%. If you cannot get your mind off that face (above), then just sprint up the stairs as fast as you can saying, "BUTLERS! BUTLERS! BUTLERS!". It doesn't necessarily help, but it's what we have grown to rely on.
   Good luck. Amen.


August 10, 2010

Tony Chestnut Knows I Love You

This is Tony. 
      Came and I love Tony. She is our favorite person in the whole wide world. Yes, the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. The world is very big. (If you don't know how big the world is, then you can enjoy the show Dish Earth- Channel 287, see post below, as Came and I do. We do know how big the world is.) IN FACT! We love Tony slightly more then we love Big Time Rush. That's a lot.
     Tony loves to follow us around and watch TV with us. Sometimes when we are sick of Tony's presence, we tell her to make us ice-cream sundaes. Since she loves Came oh so much, she always makes them for us. She is a professional sundae maker. Tony is Camiy's (Came's) Slave.
    Tony likes to make weird faces (see photo above). However, the photo above is not really how Tony looks. The computer took this photo. The computer likes to make Tony look like an octopus. You should also know that the nasty food on the pretty fork held by the gorgeous arm is spaghetti.
We love Tony. Amen.


August 9, 2010

And I think to myself... What a wonderful world.

Dish Earth

   So basically this is Me and Care's favorite TV show ever! Except for Big Time Rush of course... Care and I literally waste hours of our life watching this wonderful show. It is America's favorite past time. Although it is quite insulting to say "waste" because let me tell you, sitting there for hours watching the earth not move, while listening to a harp playing in the background, is everything but a waste! Care and I quite enjoy when both Big Time Rush and Dish Earth is on because then we have the best of both worlds (said by a very famous person named Hannah Montana.) Although you wanna know what the best part is? Dish Earth is on ALL the time!!  Me and Care like to spend most of our time watching Dish Earth looking for pictures in the clouds. Most of the time you look up at the clouds, but with Dish Earth you look down on the clouds. The most famous picture that we see that shows up all the time, is the Chinese man that has a nose like Pinocchio. He is attractive! You should go check it out sometime. It will change your life. Amen.
~ Came

Here you see Care enjoying Dish Earth sideways.

August 6, 2010

Don't Fight It

This is Sinjin Van Cleef.

     Sometimes, Camiy (Came) and I watch the hit show "Victorious". There is a really hot kid named Sinjin Van Cleef (See Above). He is really hot. Some amazing quotations straight from the mouth of Sinjin Van Cleef are: 
  • "No one can kill the disco!"
  • "Don't fight it!"
  •  "I collect teeth of past president's relatives."
  •  Robbie: "Wow, that tooth is really... yellow." Sinjin: "I KNOW!!"
  • Sinjin: "Wanna see my locker?" Tori: "Sure.." Sinjin: "I decorated it with food that I chewed, but never swallowed"
   Sinjin is one of the most attractive person that Came and I have ever seen. Just by looking at him, you know that you want to look some more. I will give you a few seconds to gaze at the 4 above photos once again. Here you go ............ 
I know you enjoyed that like I did. 
Anyway, I just wanted you to experience the joys of getting to know Sinjin Van Cleef like Came and I have. Amen.


PS, I don't know why this is highlighted all funkishly. Amen. 

August 5, 2010

It's a pillow, It's a pet, It's a pillow pet!

If you eat Pop Rocks and Ring Pops at the same time will you explode?

           So Care and me have a small obsession with Pop Rocks. It is not the kind of obsession we have with Big Time Rush, but it is pretty dang close. We also have an obsession with making our tongues blue. "Is my tongue blue? How about now? How about now?" Frankly to be honest with you, we are obsessed with a lot of things, don't be too alarmed, just keep reading and be content with life.  Anyway, let me explain what Pop Rocks are, so you can try and understand the coolness of these fine specimens. They are crystal shaped candy that look like little rubies. They come in a cool bag, that says something like...POP ROCKS! The popping candy! Flavor is Watermelon (or any kind of your choice.)
              Once you put these little rubies in your mouth, you come to life! It is like little bazookas being shot in your mouth. Just imagine a little stick man soldier who P.O.ed an entire German army. So the German army took their bazookas, and just kept shooting him and shooting him until their was nothing left but the outline of the soldiers little stick body. Yup, that is the experience of eating the magical candy called Pop Rocks. Amen.
~ Came

August 4, 2010

Once upon a December

                                            Ariel Shapey Bracelet

     Yes, it is true, I am back from Florida. Camiy (Came) missed me terribly. The poor soul. I did go to Disney World: The home of Micketous Mousious. I was so kind to remember Camiy (Came) as well as other friends as I was at the home of Micketous Mousious. I bought the ever so popular shapey bracelets that are shaped as the Disney Princesses. My favorite (shown above) is the Ariel (Starred in 'The Little Mermaid') one. Camiy (Came) received a yellow Ariel (Starred in 'The Little Mermaid') from yours truly. She loves it. One time, I had my Ariel (Starred in 'The Little Mermaid') bracelet on when we went swimming, and I felt it roll off of my wrist. I cried. I searched. Later, I looked and saw it on my wrist. Untouched. I was so happy.
    Another time, Camiy (Came) was wearing all of her various rubber band shapey bracelets. We were trying to figure out what one of them was shaped as. It appeared to be a deformed squirrel. One of Camiy's (Came's) brilliant tennis mates took a look at it. She told us that it was a motorcycle. We examined it. She was right. It was a motorcycle. We felt dumb.