July 27, 2010

Basically As Cool As It Gets.

Color Glow Dome

    Let me take a minute to tell you a story about  one of Me and Cara's many adventures...
   So once upon a time, about a year ago, me and Cara saw a commercial for the Color Glow Dome. It was pretty much the coolest thing of my life. It is basically as cool as it gets! I knew at first sight that I could not live normally without this luxury.  I could not eat, sleep, or even function without thinking about this (kinda like I am with Kendall, except it wasn't a boy I was thinking about all the time.) Then about a month ago my wonderful, beautiful mother took me and my best friend (Care) to Wally World. I was so excited, this was the day that all my dreams would come true! Me and Cara ran to the craft section in Walmart (row  14.) Then I grabbed that Color Glow Dome, and I have never let it go since. It was the best 30$ spent of my life. Thank you Crayola, I am forever in your debt.


The First of Many...

                                             These men drive me crazy.
     Today is a special day. For it is the 3rd day in a row that I have not seen Camiy. At all. I'm sure that she misses me really bad. And... guess what!? Tomorrow, I go to Florida which means that I won't even see Camiy for a whole week! ... Bummer. 
    Saturday will be an eventful day for Camiy and I. For my brother is getting married, and a new Big Time Rush (season finale?) is premiering. I am disappointed that I will be missing it due to wedding festivities, and Camiy is disappointed that I will not be there to watch it with her. We are poor, deprived children. :) 
   We do not understand why we are so obsessed with Big Time Rush. I don't think we've ever liked celebrities this much! It's kinda gross. We stay up all night just thinkin' about 'em. We're awesome, and we know it.