October 8, 2012

Don't worry, it happens all the time!

Tis the season.
79 days until Christmas.

Except that's not even the season I'm talking about!

It's fall season...
We like the fall season

And it's also school season. And volleyball season. And life season.

We don't like that.
and neither does this small child.

One time, about a week ago, we were friends though. 
We went to a five star restaurant for no big deal... none at all...
It was homecoming.
And we went with a couple of STUDS. 
Notice the Roman columns and the Asian background.
A very multicultural evening indeed.

 Anyhow, we clearly did not belong at that restaurant. This is a summary of the evening:
except we got jipped because we DEFINITELY DID NOT have that much ice cream.

But it was very delicious. 
And expensive.
And attractive.
And hilarious.
And fancy shmancy.
And the piano player was a nice touch.

July 8, 2012

We're the kids of AMERICA.

So, the fourth of July was quite the eventful day for Care and I.
Look and see:

12. Blow Bubbles

46. Make friendship bracelets

38. Eat popsicles from the ice cream man

13. Sleep on the trampoline until we get scared and come inside

Last but not least....

50. Watch fireworks (cover Care's ears)

I hope all of you had a wonderful fourth as well!
God Bless America!

June 25, 2012

June 9, 2012

Swimming With... Dads.

Summer Bucket List:

5. Get Tan (a work in progress) 
14. Go swimming

Came and I went swimming yesterday, and it wasn't quite as successful in the "get tan" area as we thought it would be. We'll try again soon.
In the meantime, let me tell you a little about our swimming experience... There were about 10 fathers there with their children. Since when do men go to the pool with their buddies and their kids? I guess yesterday was national "bring your dad to the pool day". And that's obviously why I brought Came.

June 1, 2012

A German Summer

I like that this is in German... sort of.
"Soma! Soma! Soma!"

Happy summer!
Came and I love summer.
Now excuse us while we fulfill our summer bucket list.

May 26, 2012

Summer Bucket List:

Welcome to the Summer Bucket List of Care and Came.

  1. Tie Dye Shirts
  2. Have a Lemonade Stand
  3. Go on adventurous walks
  4. Have a photo shoot
  5. Get tan
  6. Make Pinterest crafts
  7. Have a BBQ
  8. Listen to "Summer Nights" by Rascal Flatts a bagillion times.
  9. Have a picnic
  10. Kiss some boys
  11. Cover and entire driveway in chalk
  12. Blow bubbles
  13. Sleep on the trampoline until we get scared and go inside
  14. Go swimming
  15. Go on a road trip
  16. Have a sleepover on EVERY day of the week
  17. Make a huge fort
  18. Go to a baseball game or two.
  19. Go to a drive in movie
  20. Lagoon and/ or Seven Peaks
  21. Play in sprinklers
  22. Have a paint fight
  23. Get a pen pal
  24. Carnival games and win a goldfish
  25. Go through a drive through in a cardboard car
  26. Crayon melted art
  27. Color an entire coloring book
  28. Roast marshmallows 
  29. Homemade pizza & ice cream
  30. Do something cool with our long hair..
  31. Fly kites
  32. Service projects
  33. Go to the temple, once a week
  34. Go paint balling
  35. Hennas, if allowed by Care's mom.
  36. Cook a fancy meal
  37. Go to Olive Garden and feast!
  38. Eat popsicles, from the ice cream man
  39. Get Jedi braids
  40. Cloud gazing
  41. Get new friends
  42. Have a board game night
  43. Make dream catchers
  44. Watch the summer Olympics
  45. Go to a concert in a park
  46. Make friendship bracelets
  47. Scavenger hunt
  48. Bird Watching
  49. Go Rock Climbing
  50. Watch Fireworks (covers Care's ears)
This is just the beginning, we will probably add things as summer goes on. This summer is gonna be the best, I can feel it.
Bye bye

Are we there yet?

We are now going on a trip of Care and I's friendship, buckle up.

Haircuts, birthday cards, and photo shoots.

 We tried really hard to capture the typical "facebook girl pose". I think it turned out quite nicely.

Crystal light lipstick, not the funnest thing ever.

 Twins. Can you tell us apart? Cause I sure can't..

 I think this was the coolest day of our friendship. We tie dyed shirts, went on an adventurous walk, meet cats with rabies, ate leftovers like animals, took cool pictures, watched movies, and enjoyed summer. That was the life.

 Jonas Brothers Concert. Need I say more?

 High School Musical material? Close.
 The Curtain. That's actually Cara's hand, don't let the picture fool you.

Back in our attractive, football lovin', freshman days.

Decorated locker and matching outfits. Regular birthday stuff.

Sometimes we like to bake cakes and pretend it's our birthday's just so we can make a wish.

Paying soo much attention in Chad Michael Durham's class.

We love looking attractive, cross eye pictures are our specialties!

Most recent picture of us that I could find.. We don't enjoy pictures as much anymore. But this was homecoming when we were attractive and tan and such.

Well this has been quite the adventure, I hope that you loved looking into out past cause I sure did. This summer we will take lots of pictures like the good ole' days, so stay tuned!

I'm only speeding 'cause I really have to poop.

'Ello folks! Let's take a quick walk down memory lane, shall we?

We were so cute and little :) 

Shoot dang, we used to be so awesome! We often begin to wonder what happened, but then we run out of time doing that, because we're SO CRAPPIN' BUSY.

We don't mean to be so busy and lame, but with finals and such, it just happens. 
No worries though because... it's... 

And we like


We're going to eat snowcones, and listen to country music. We're going to be friends again. 
I'm getting goosebumps

Did you know that Came and I sometimes crave things like a pregnant woman? (Sorry freaky random companies, but Came is NOT 42 weeks pregnant. Quit bothering her.) Well we do... or at least we think we do.
But we go kind of nuts.
Especially for this beauty: 
Zuppa Toscana. At Olive Garden.
A.K.A. Heaven. 

And we cannot function until we eat it.
So we do. 'Cause we're awesome. 

Well, that's all I've got.

April 12, 2012

We found them first...

Dear teenage girls of America,
I say this in the nicest way possible.. BACK OFF.
Thank you.

00:29 :)

March 19, 2012


Hi. Care here.

I would just like to bring up a concern of mine.
It's the number nine.
Look at this:

Does ANYONE write their 9's like this?
And if you try, your second grade teacher might have to write a note home to your mom telling her that your 9's look like g's.

It's a hard knock life.

Mom's cheese carving again...

I cleverly wanted to post exactly two months after Came. Dang, I'm good.

I would like you all to know that I am graciously sacrificing my research paper-writing time to update this BEAUTIFUL blog for all you BEAUTIFUL people. Also, I am quite the impressive procrastinator.
P.S. I believe that Came would be the only one who understands me when I say I have a mild case of ADD... especially on computers.
"What's ACD?"-Came

There's really no wonder why Came and I are your favorite people, and why this is your favorite blog.

Incase you were wondering, I really love Came.
And this is our relationship:

I promise for a better update when I settle down. 

Sweet dreams.

January 19, 2012

He's gonna look like a BABY.

Since Care Bear did a post on the things we hate most in this life, I thought it was only appropriate to do the things we love most. (I am not including men because as you may or may not have noticed that was 2 posts ago.) So welcome to this New Year where you can learn a little more about Care and I. But not too much, because we don't want any crazy men (butlers) to come and kill us.... Ready? Set? GO!









                                (dish earth)


and last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST...

The End.