October 20, 2010

"Did we turn the oven off?" "I think so"

                                                     Tony and Care with Bartholomew

         Hello fellow readers, obviously I have not been capable of blogging the past few months (see below post). You must understand that I do have a life that I live! 
        So anyway, on Saturday, Came and I went to the pumpkin patch with our family. It was very thrilling! It was a great time and a wonderful fall activity. However, if you visualize fun fall activities with a little bit of a frigid wind, you are incorrect. It was super steamy and hot. I think I got more tan than Came (it was easy). Anywho, we rode for what seemed for a lifetime on a lovely wagon filled with hay. I LOVE HAY!!! We finally arrived at the actual patch. Came and I went through a really hard maze that was obviously made for infants. Then we went and found some really good-looking pumpkins. When I first made eye contact with my pumpkin, I knew that he was MINE. I fetched him and called him Bartholomew. Came was rather picky and took a longer time. She finally found a very handsome one and named him Clark. He was her first kiss. We then went and took some VERY hot (literally) photos on a tractor and in a truck (which included a bee). After that, we rode the lovely hay wagon back to a barn and we ate like kings. 
After that adventure, we returned home, ate some more really good food, and watched Big Time Rush.
It was one of the best days ever.