January 16, 2011

I like summer breezes, winter snowstorms, and seeing cats get whats coming to them.

I really like this man.

So as you may already know Care and myself really like Big Time Rush. REALLY like them. Although we are not like most of the creeper fans in the world. We have never met them. And we would really enjoy it if we did. We can't seem to get them to notice us though. Care has this theory that if I met Kendall, the hot man above, he could possibly fall in love with me? I hope she is right. Except we have a hard time coming up with ideas to meet them. I also think that if Carlos, Cares heart's desire, met her they would eventually get married. So if anyone has any ideas of how to meet them please come forward now. If Kendallia and Carlitos happen to be reading this they can tell us what impresses them, and what we could do to make them fall in love. Maybe pretend that we aren't fans, like all the love stories in movies such as Singing in the Rain? 
So the girls that are always complaining on twitter saying stuff like I will never get Kendall to reply to me kinda bother me. Yet guess what? Kendall always replies to them, so I guess they have some reasoning behind their tactics. But I don't want to stoop down to their level. Maybe I will annoy him just to read this blog. But then he will think I am annoying? Do you see my troubles here... Well if I happen to get him to read this diary of Care and I's life, this short message is for him...
Hello Kendall, 
You have a super nice face. Will you meet me? 
Thanks for reading this. 
Maybe while you're here you should read the rest of the blog.
I like you. 
The End.

Anyway.  Enough about him...
Actually I don't know what else to talk about right now. 
So until we meet again. 
P.S. No one take this post to heart, because I feel like a really annoying teenage girl writing this. But it has to be done one day or another.

January 12, 2011

This house is so full of people it makes me sick. When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone.

This is what we do when we're home alone

Once upon a time, my family left Came and I home alone. To try and keep our minds off of butlers and/or kidnappers and/or robbers and/or bad guys which may or may not be creeping around in my house, Came and I threw a birthday party. For whom we know not. We did what most people do at birthday parties, we baked a beautiful Pillsbury cake complete with confetti and sprinkles the colors of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet). We consumed a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. As the night was slowly, but surely passing by, we called Came's Papa Bear & we asked him very politely if he could bring us a pizza to eat... a pizza with MEAT. For all we had was cake and Cheetos (even Came and I know that that is NOT healthy for 2 growing teenagers). Minutes, maybe even hours passed, and Came's Papa Bear really did arrive! We were so grateful. We even let Papa Bear make a wish on some candles that were carefully lit on our cake! We gulped up that pizza... it was delicious. In case you're thinking that Came and I were about to grow obese, surprisingly, Came and I did not even take one bite of that divine looking cake. 
Our attention suddenly changed. We wanted to play on the Wii. Came made some really cute looking people (Mii's) she named one 7. The reason that she named one 7 is because our friend Bec-ah was right outside my door... don't worry, we were not afraid. We knew she was coming. We drove on over to Bec's home where we watched the movie Inception starring Leonardo Di Caprio (not Da Vinci ). All 3 of us thought the movie was AWESOME. We didn't even get scared! The next day, we watched TV. Came I rewarded ourselves because we didn't even watch TV at all on Friday. And then later, the unthinkable happened.... Came had to leave. My heart did break. But I'm alright now. We like to be home alone now.
The End. 

~ Care

P.S. We are missing our Notebook. Our lives are slowly coming to an end. That notebook existed far before this blog. If you see it, please return it to us. Thank you.

Here is a video of us making wishes in under 6 seconds. 

January 5, 2011

I'll make a man out of you.

Look at this poor bird surrounded by green and white broccoli. 
What a sad day.

So today I, Came, am at home sick. It is quite sad. I  bet Care misses me a lot. Kinda like this turkey above. Me and him have a lot more in common than you think. Such as our skin is both brown-ish, we both hate all colors of broccoli, we enjoy sitting on nicely decorated tables, and we also enjoy people taking pictures of us. See... a lot in common eh?
Anyway, I would just like to acknowledge and thank all of our followers, for loving and supporting me and Care through all of our struggles as writers. Although there are very few I would like to say my appreciation for them now, for the whole world to see.
And they are...
Sam the Magnificent
Johny the Great
Brendendito the Humble
Ali the Beautiful
Cara and Camiy the Creepers
Tony-oni the Cook
Amanda the Best
Well Thank You all. It has been great. Until next time...