April 18, 2011


See bromance below:
Just some buff British boys playing with light sabers... no big deal.

        Oh me oh my! It has been such a long time since last I've posted... too long. I realize this. I regret this. Forgive me. Thanks. 
      Much ado has occurred these past months, most of which I do not remember, so consider it unimportant. Sadly, most of it has been spent without Came... this saddens me & saddens you. Came has been quite the avid traveler lately, getting all tanned up and what not. But that's okay because while she travels, she makes me cool turtle crafts & stuff. Life has been tough without my BFFE (Best Friend For Eternity), but I have persevered.  She too will have to persevere because I am going to the Happiest Place on Earth in less than 40 hours. 
    With other news, Came and I have not been completely separated. In fact, on Saturday, we went the the mall. This was no ordinary day at the mall, we saw some very strange things whilst we did not purchase anything. Not even floral pant suits. 

Strange thing 1: Little kid mimicking a mannequin. No one else around. Y'know  just trying to strike cool poses. 
Strange thing 2: Cute dresses at Forever 21 that go down to your belly button........
Strange thing 3: (see photo of modeling couple from previous posts... here please) This photo was nice n' big at a teeth-whitening booth (I don't think they had their teeth whitened). 
Strange thing 4: Teenage boy holding his grandmother's hand... super cute... not the social norm. 
Strange thing 5: Bromances. 21+ bromances. Nothin' like young boys going to the mall with their best friend... who is also a boy. Aren't malls for teenage girls & for married couples? Guess not.

Yep. That's all. Have a cool day!
The End.