July 27, 2011

Why yes, it is in fact this blogs BIRTHDAY.

Justin Bieber even remembered your birthday!!

Dear Blog,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It has been quite the year filled with smashing memories. I can't believe it has already been a year! Thanks for always sticking by our ( Care and Came ) side through it all, even though sometimes we let our busy lives get in the way of our devotion to you. Please forgive us ( Care and Came.) I hope you have the best 1st birthday ever! You probably will since 1. Justin Bieber sang to you, and 2. I, Came, am actually updating you! What a joyous day it is! Sorry I didn't bake you a cake, but I figure you can't even eat one if I did, so you know what... Here you go, you get a picture of a delicious one. Enjoy!! 


OR you can have this one... It's your choice. Kinda hard decision..

Have a great day! See you next year!  Ha Ha. NO just a little birthday joke. Really though, have a great day. Eat lots of cake. Don't kiss boys, and don't rush marriage. 

July 21, 2011

That idea might make a stupid idea feel better about itself!

Our Beloved Pushing Daisies <3

Hello children, it has been quite a while since last we have spoken. But you know what? Sometimes it's okay to be separated... bahahaha, who am I kidding? You guys missed the snot outta me! I am now going to be ever so kind as to give you a brief summary as to what Came and me (Came and I?) (it's summer, give me a break) have been up to. 
Came: Living the teenage dream: Dating super hot men, Driving around with her license, Making the big bucks, Going to super awesome camps, (or so I'm told) Being athletic, etc.
Care: "Sorry, I can't. I have volleyball" Yep, that just about sums it all up for you. 

The little time that we spend together is surely cherished! We celebrate that time as we watch Pushing Daisies on Netflix together. It is an absolutely glorious show that we both equally love. And I might add, that we are both professionals at finding the murderer. We're thinking about starting a detective business, because there have been quite a few murders around here lately.................. we'd be rollin' in the Benjamins if you know what I mean.
Some tragic news though,
Pushing Daisies is no longer on instant play!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!! We don't know what to do with our time now! Let's have a moment of silence for this terrible, terrible, tragedy. 
Okay, that's enough. 
Have a beautiful summer kids! If you are having a rough time accomplishing such a simple task, see post below.