December 22, 2010

A Creepy, yet Adventurous day

What a beautiful couple... so modelicious.
                                                                        Scary Cow
One day Came, Tony, and I went with sister JenE K to the lovely land of Family Dollar. We purchased some really attractive decor. Came even got some Buzz Lightyear socks with grips on the bottom! (Jealousy is NEVER the answer). And we got soothing chapstick for our parched lips (dried out for kissing too many boys........ duh). Then we headed on outta that cool store and drove to JenE K's office. We decorated with the decor. We shared some laughs. We got some free pens (we use them every day). The pens are extremely cool because they were free. We also met a bear named Ted... what a funny bear that Ted is! Later, as we came to a finish with our decorating skills, our friend, JP took us to eat food at the one and only Chick-Fil-A. As we were ordering our delicious food, a really creepy cow came out of the kitchen. The cow had scoliosis. He had a crush on Came. Don't worry, we took a picture with the animal. Then we ate really good food & we suggested to the manager that Laura (our waitress) should get a raise. She was a great lady who fed us mints. 
 We all had such a lovely outing... I am looking forward to the next time we can all celebrate cows together. 


December 10, 2010

JenE K is a babe.

I know this model.

1. What if Kendall sneezed on you?
Well of course, I would wipe it off with a tissue and frame it.
2. What is your favorite galaxy?
The Milky Way, it is so chocolaty and delicious.
3. Is Santa Clause real?
What kind of question is that, who do you think leaves you all the presents silly goose.
4. Would you rather eat broccoli or pet a mouse?
Sick. I would rather die, but I suppose eating non-cooked broccoli could work...
5. Why do you like Care?
 Cause she is a babe of course. Who doesn't like Cara that is what I want to know.
6. What if Care fell off the Eiffel Tower?
I would jump off it as well.
7. What do you want for your birthday? 
All I want for Christmas is YOU.
8. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 103.7 peices of wood.
9. What is your favorite hobby? Staring at Cara eat yogurt covered pretzels. Jealous?
10. Do you wish upon stars?
Only every night, when I miss 11:11. 
So me and Care are friends again. No worries. So we shall not be as slow, hopefully. The End.