October 8, 2012

Don't worry, it happens all the time!

Tis the season.
79 days until Christmas.

Except that's not even the season I'm talking about!

It's fall season...
We like the fall season

And it's also school season. And volleyball season. And life season.

We don't like that.
and neither does this small child.

One time, about a week ago, we were friends though. 
We went to a five star restaurant for no big deal... none at all...
It was homecoming.
And we went with a couple of STUDS. 
Notice the Roman columns and the Asian background.
A very multicultural evening indeed.

 Anyhow, we clearly did not belong at that restaurant. This is a summary of the evening:
except we got jipped because we DEFINITELY DID NOT have that much ice cream.

But it was very delicious. 
And expensive.
And attractive.
And hilarious.
And fancy shmancy.
And the piano player was a nice touch.

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